• Always demonstrate the qualities of good character in and out of class. Remember to use good manners, show respect for others, and believe in yourself.
  • No violent actions in or outside of class. (Avoid fighting)
  • Arrive to class on time or a little beforehand to warm-up.
  • Do not wear jewelry in class.
  • No chewing gum in class
  • Keep fingernails & toenails trimmed to avoid injury.
  • You must wear appropriate uniform to all classes including your belt. Melander’s Martial Arts t-shirts are ok during summer.
  • You must practice barefoot or have special “mat shoes” that are not to be worn outside. No socks.
  • Show respect to all school members. Introduce yourself to new members and make them feel welcome.
  • No horseplay in the school. Use our space as a place to learn & improve and not as a playground.
  • No profanity (swearing) in class.
  • If you have suffered an injury in or outside of class which may affect your training, let sensei know about it.
  • Bow as you enter and before you leave the work-out area.
  • All Black Belts shall be addressed by their sir names (Mr. Melander) or as Sir/Ma’am or Sensei.
  • All dues must be paid at appropriate time of month. If not paid, you can not attend future classes.


Is what you’re capable of doing.


Determines what you do.


Determines how well you do it…

It’s not easy, but it is worth it…..  Now repeat that every day!