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A young student standing at attention in his karate gi.

“Mom says it’s about focus & fitness. Dad says it’s about discipline & defense. I say it’s fun, fun, fun!”

Enroll your child in our “Little dragons” program at Melander’s Martial Arts Academy this summer to take advantage of everything Karate has to offer.

Whether you are a kid or an adult, a supreme athlete or just an average Joe, Melander’s Martial Arts Academy has a class that’s right for you. From beginner to expert we make Karate fun for all ages. Stop in and try a free class today!

Karate is not only a great physical work-out, but is good for mental exercise as well.

People learn karate for many reasons. Some of those reasons are: to develop better self-confidence, to instill discipline, to learn self-defense to prepare for our sometimes hostile world, or to simply get in shape. Karate appears to be the perfect exercise. It can be performed by the young & old, male & female, and in many cases the handicapped person can practice and compete. Physical strength, weight, and body build are of little importance to practicing karate.

The spirit of karate is: Discipline, humility, courage, courtesy, and perseverance. We strive for perfection of character.

The utmost purpose of our training is to eliminate fighting. Karate is a defensive art, with the emphasis being put on self-control. Fighting should be a last resort to protect yourself or your family.

Every movement in karate is designed with a specific purpose. Constant repetition teaches patience and how to overcome any difficulty. The tremendous power one can generate from one’s body should help to develop the self-confidence to meet any opponent, in any situation. Along with effective self-defense, you will practice sparring, forms and weapons; all of which you can compete in against others in sport karate tournaments.

Karate can be quite beneficial in preparing youth, not only in their academic life, but also in taking their future place in society.

“As instructors, we are constantly evaluating our teaching and technical skills, and working on bettering ourselves in order to better our students.”

Join Us

Feel free to visit our school, watch or participate in one of our classes, and ask questions. We have a number of different programs to offer even the busiest of students.

From pre-school to “junior dragons” to adult beginners to “black belt club” – our school has programs for everyone. Our rates are some of the most reasonable around. You can begin your journey in the martial arts by trying out a class absolutely FREE. Now is the perfect time to fit the Karate lifestyle into your schedule. Ask us about our family discounts.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to call Sensei Jeff Melander at (518) 258-7830 or stop by our studio. Also, feel free to use the contact form on this website to inquire with any questions you may have!